Happy New Year beautiful people! In case you didn't already know, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You deserve a life filled with joy, & love, & pleasure, & inspiration. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. No restrictions, no resolutions, no regrets!
In theory, resolutions can be an empowering movement. But I've yet to hear anyone say such words. More often than not, by the end of January these incredible dreams we had are tossed aside and the "maybe next year" mentality kicks in. But who the hell said decided we only deserve a fresh start once a year? Every day is a fresh start. Every moment is a fresh start. Even if you just polished off that box of Oreo's. Don't let the guilt monster tell you you're a failure. YOU'RE NOT! If you want a cookie, have a cookie. And enjoy it!
Filling your days with restrictions and rules will only lead to feeling unfulfilled. And you're better than that! If you want to lose 25 pounds, you can, and you will. But your incredible life doesn't begin 25 pounds from now. It begins with love. An unconditional, pure love that only YOU can give to yourself. Choose to accept it now. Right now. You're worth it!!!